How Does It Work?

1. Let’s chat

We have an informal chat on the phone or on Zoom to make sure I’m the gal for you (duh!…of course I will be).

2. Yep, she’s our girl

You say, “Paige, we can’t imagine our day without you. We have to book you this second, if not sooner”. Or words to that effect. You pay a booking fee and we plan to catch up in person to get crackin’ on your legal paperwork.

3. General wizardry happens

I go away and weave my magic wand over my keyboard, and create a hilarious/ thoughtful/fun ceremony that you cast your eye over and make any edits as you gently dab tears of joy from your eyes while reading the best script ever.

4. It’s your Wedding Day!

It’s the BIG day you guys! I arrive, looking stylish, greeting guests. Making a fuss over Nan, calming nerves, straightening ties and then it’s show time. I’ll deliver a beautiful, ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

5. And then

You’ll name your first pet/ child after me because you love me so much. Ok so maybe there is no step five… *sigh*