So, you want to get married, but the thought of a big old ‘bells and whistles’ wedding makes you;

a) break out in a nervous sweat.
b) makes your tummy churn with nerves.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of people just like you, who for whatever reason, want their wedding day to be just a small private moment. So, chances are, if you are reading this section, you’d probably prefer a simple, no-fuss ceremony that is right to the point and covers the legal requirements that has you married without the nervous sweat or tummy churn – then I am your girl!

Elopement package includes:

  • A face-to-face meeting with you and your partner to discuss how to envision your day.
  • Explanation and completion of all legal paperwork.
  • Lodgement of all legal paperwork.
  • A copy of a Marriage Certificate to present you with on the day.
  • If required, a PA system
  • Travel within 40 kilometres of my home office in Port Douglas. Anything outside is priced on application.
  • I will dress to fit in with your ceremony. No daggy suits or ugly patterns guaranteed!